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INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE DAY 5 - Curators Feed Your Head, Xela Zaid & Rick Fantasies

at Churchill's Pub

February 9, 2019 9:00 pm - 3:00 am Add to Cal
Ages: 18+ Ages    
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Tuesday February 5th 2019 9p Curator Vidium [event page]
Panther (patio stage) [event page]
Janese & Dave (green room) [event page]

Wednesday February 6th 2019 9p  Curator Betty  [event page]
ALT MIA (patio stage) [event page
Human Fluid Rot's Das INC (green room) [event page]

Thursday February 7th 2019 9p  Curator  Laundry Room Squelchers
Laundry Room Squelchers   (Miami Beach)
Holly Hunt  (Miami Beach)
Human Fluid Rot  (Fort Lauderdale)
Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge vs The Uh  (St Petersburg FL)
Baxter-Sweatlung (Melbourne Australia)
Ciao Bal (Comacchio Italy / Philipines)
Clang Quartet (Stokesdale NC)
Sweating Pipe (Philadelphia)
Viki (Detroit)
Montañé (Mayaguez PR)
Whitey Alabastard (Nick Boutwell) (Ft Myers  FL)
Otto Von Shirach + Mr Feathers (Miami)
Street Rat (West Miami)
No Face  (Satellite Beach FL)
Cuddler (Ed Matus & Omar Angulo) (Miami)
Death Talisman VII  (Hollywood)
Junkie Nurse (South Miami)
Steve Bristol Quartet (South Miami)
1000 Thursdays (Miami)
Das Sad (Wynwood)
Handelsman (Miami)

Juan Campuzano  (patio stage) [event page]
The Inertials (green room) [event page]

Friday February 8th 2019 7p  Curator Todd Lynne
Angel Inertia (NOLA)
Psychic Hotline 
Pamela And Her Sons 
Julia Santoli 
Slime Queen Bingo 
Divorce Ring 
Sarah Viviana Valdez & Jeremiah M. Carter (TPA)
Apoc Siren 
Channel 83 
Alien Wtch 
Bacon Grease 
Mother Juno 
To Live And Shave In LOL 
Dim Past 
Mistr Rey 
Audrey Horny 
Ju Ju Pie 
Curious Hair 

Emile Milgrin Apostrophe's Fantasy 5 (patio stage) [event page]
Kenny Millions & Eddy Shit Show (green room) [event page]

Saturday February 9th 2019 4p
 Black Mayonnaise (Akron OH)
 - Bobb Hatt (Columbus OH)
 - Brown Piss (RVA)
 - Scathing (Austin TX)
 - Novasak (St Petersburg FL)
 - Yohimbe (RVA)
 - Dendra Bloodbath (Atlanta GA)
 - Janet (St. Louis MO)
 - Housefire (Carboro NC)
 - Dromez (Austin TX)
 - Alessandra Zerbinati (Comacchio Italy)
 - Valerie Martino (Providence RI)
 - Asthmatic (Rochester NY)
 - Bonemagic (Fayetteville AR)
 - Microminx (Austin TX)
 - Unguent (Philadelphia)
 - Page 27 (Denver CO)
 - Bob Bellerue (New York City)
 - Kenny Millions (West Palm Beach)
 - Newagehillbilly (Baltimore MD)
 - War Hippy (Los Angeles CA)
 - Conscious Summary (Los Angeles CA)
 - Liquid Asset (Carboro NC)
 - Fierce Deity (Austin TX)
 - mirror ll rorrim (Detroit)
 - Dolce (New Orleans LA)
 - Gina Bootleg (Providence RI)
 - Suicide Magnets (Providence RI)
 - Surf Hair  (New York City)
 - Radio Shock  (New York City)
 - Embarker (Philadelphia)
 - Secret Boyfriend  (Carrboro NC)
 - Ben Billington (Chicago)
 - Solypsis (Phoenix AZ)
 - Narco Alms (Tulsa OK)
 - Nequam Sonitus (St Petersburg FL)
 - Hellgarbage   (Lakeland FL)
 - Noiseberger (Philadelphia PA)
 - Ironing  (Gainesville FL)
 - Jim Capps (Carrboro NC)
 - Cornelius F Von Straffin (Carrboro NC)
  - Now's  (Atlanta GA)
 - Dubb Normal (Atlanta GA)
 - Virgin Flower (Jacksonville FL)
 - Bonnie Kane  (Holyyoke MA)

Feed Your Head (patio stage) [event page]
Xela Zaid & Rick Fantasies (green room) [event page]