Thursday Apr. 8th 2021

Churchill's Update


Contrary to disinformation and misinformation, Churchill’s Pub is not closing, not changing ownership and not going anywhere.

In late summer 2020, the owner of Churchill’s Pub and the premises filed with county court to evict the tenant District Live Agency, LLC (Franklin Dale) for not ever keeping any insurance, owing rent and taxes, and defaulting on the lease.

Normally evictions are not complicated. However, because of Covid, Miami-Dade courts are backed-up for months, and still have not assigned a hearing date for this case. Once the court catches-up and there is a hearing, we are confident the delinquent tenant will be evicted and Churchill’s Pub will be back in action.

Please do not assist malicious rumors and innuendos about Churchill’s by multiplying it on social media. We have every document to support our case regarding the premises and the Pub – the former tenant does not – and the court will decide as soon as we get our date.